What We Do

My goal is to help businesses create a steady stream of revenue with the lowest customer acquisition rate possible by turning your website into an automated sales machine.

Jumpstart sales today with Google Ads. Invest in sustainable, ad-free growth with SEO.


A long-term investment with a huge ROI. Get customers without relying on ads.

Google Ads

Jumpstart sales by advertising to customers actively searching for your solutions.

Website Strategy & Design

Turn your website into an automated sales machine that converts traffic into leads and sales.

A few brands we’ve worked with.

5 Reasons to do SEO

SEO Can Be Your Top Traffic Source

Reach potential customers in all stages of the marketing funnel. With a proper content plan, you can reach people ready to buy your product or service today, as well as people who don’t even realize your product or service exists. The longer you do SEO, the more traffic you can generate for your site. The potential is limitless.

The Lifespan of SEO Content Is Longer Than Any Other Channel

Social media posts have a lifespan of minutes to days. You need to keep posting content to draw attention. With SEO content, when you create one asset that ranks, it can generate traffic, leads, and sales for months and even years.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

The longer you do SEO, the harder it is to compete against your site. If your competitors are already doing SEO, the longer you wait to catch up, the harder it will get. Do you really want to hand them all the business?

Get Leads and Sales All Day, Everyday

SEO works around the clock, even when you pause. If you rely solely on ads, when you stop running ads, your sales dry up. If you rely on social media when you stop posting, your traffic stops. When you start ranking with SEO, that momentum lasts for months and even years.

Build Trust

70% of searchers click on organic listings, compared to 30% on paid ads. Customers tend to trust organic listings more than paid ads. Creating quality content that searchers want helps you build credibility, authority and trust in your brand.


Local SEO

Effective for brick-and-mortar or service-area businesses that want to dominate their markets. Get your business ranked in local search results and Map Pack and drive customers to your local business.

National SEO

Capture leads and customers across the country. Whether you’re a B2B, eCommerce, or service business, we are experts in getting rankings on a national level.

Keyword Research Service

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Keyword research is the first step in creating a successful SEO strategy. Our proprietary keyword research process helps us identify the right keywords to target and the type of content to capture that traffic.

SEO Audit Service

An SEO audit will provide you with a blueprint for success. You’ll receive a detailed report on all the actions needed to improve your website’s SEO to drive traffic, leads and sales. Depending on the size and age of your website, we recommend an audit on some level at least once a year. This is perfect for the client that has a team that wants to do SEO in-house. Or you can engage in a hybrid service where you contract out some of the tasks to us.

Link Building Services

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. You need them to build your website’s authority and get rankings. But bad links or over-optimized links can harm your site. We’ll get you links with safe and effective methods.

Why Should You Work With Us?


We start with a plan and communicate each step of the way. Full, transparent reporting of activity and results.


We focus on results, not a cookie-cutter list of deliverables. Each of our campaigns involves strategic planning that focuses on results. As conditions change, we pivot and adjust accordingly.


You get experts, not interns. Most agencies hire inexperienced account managers, so they can scale. At In-Touch Marketing, you get me, the owner or an expert with at least five years of proven expertise.

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